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By Fritzkrieg
Sorry, I could not find a better Thread to post this in. Mods please feel free to move this to the apropriate area if one exist

Hey Guys I'm looking for some Spare Parts, My fooder bin is not very organized right now so I'll post the price I'll pay for the parts I need. Once I get my fodder organized, I post the pics for trades.

Here's what I need:

Saga Snowtrooper Torsos $2

Bossk Bust-Up Torsos $2

Japaneese Imperial Marines Legs and Waist ( 21st Century Toys) $3

BBI Army and Navy Seal Arms (Green or Tan Only) $2

Any Imperial Officers Head with a Cap $2

Genral Veers Helmets $3

Snowtrooper Back Pack Packs $2

Saga TIE Fighter Pilot Chest Box $2

Saga AT-AT Driver Chest Box $2

Saga AT-AT Driver Helmet $3

POTF2 AT-AT Driver Helmet $3

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By Straxus
Are you looking for specificaly origional parts of those or cast parts?
I think I have a few cast parts kicking arround of some of that stuff. (not lots but a few...)
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By Fritzkrieg
Depends on which parts? The Torso, Would have to be original. I think Casted parts would be to fragile. Helmets and heads should wirk fine.

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By Darth_Ennis
Is this the Official Custom Parts needs list? I would like to post a few needs of my own, but I don't know where to put them.

If not can we make one?
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By BrentS
Darth_Ennis wrote:Is this the Official Custom Parts needs list? I would like to post a few needs of my own, but I don't know where to put them.

If not can we make one?

DE- We have a separate trading forum for parts - Watto's Parts

Go ahead and set up your haves/wants there.
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By Darth_Ennis
DOH!!! And I was one of the forst to sign this thing too. God I feel like a donkey! :oops:
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By Darth_Ennis
I have fianlly overcome my customising hubris, amnd have decided to get off my arse and finally finish my PhotoNovel. In doing so I find myself in need of a few figurews and other wise custom fodder. I have lots of parts for trade, if you have something I need drop me a line with any wants you may have. IF nothing else there is always cold hard cash. :D


ROTS Antilles heads
ROTS pilot Obi Wan bodies
ROTS Ki adi Mundi legs ( Knee Down)

I use this for my main character,so I will need a few of each.)

Naboo Royal Guards
Naboo Security
Ric Ole bodies
Capt Panaka
Capt Typho
Pilot Padme
Geonisians (ANY)
Gungans ( any except Jar Jar!!)
The majority of the first story arc will take place on Naboo, so I am in need of these fogs for background fodder. I prefer everything loose, but packaged is fine.

Zett Jukasa body
EII Clone heads ball jointed ones preferably, but Ill take whatever I can get.
ARC Trooper boots ( its a long shot but I can dream cant I :D )

LEt me knoiw if you can help a brutha out. Thank for looking.

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