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By tenike1
I've got some POTF2 parts that I really don't need or want. If anybody is interested in the following, private message me.

Boba Fett's Slave I body with both guns on the nose (some teeth marks, but they can be smoothed out (you are customizers, right?)), hatch door, sliding ramp and the ship's left wing. I am missing the right wing and carbonite block.

Shadows of the Empire Chewbacca's cape.

Shadows of the Empire Chewbacca's vibro axe.

POTF2 Boba Fett's wookiee braids/cape.

POTF2 Boba Fett's jetpack (missing some paint).

Saga Boba Fett's cape.

4x Saga clear, oval stand.

POTF2 Chewbacca itself; somewhat melted, staple holes in stomach (yes, this is from my childhood).

POTF2 Chewbacca's bowcaster.

POTF2 Han Solo blaster.
By tenike1
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