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By jedistyle
At the moment i really need some legs. :) Go ahead and PM me if you can help, thanks!


ponda baba(prefer the bust ups but i'll take any version)

comic pack mara jade
evo secret apprintace
evo darth sidious/palpatine legs(multiples)

saga2 bib fortuna, just hands really
any mon calimari(or even jus the hands)
evolutions sandtrooper sqaud leader, right forearm
evolutions darth sidious/palpatine arms

-scarf from asharad hett
-any paldron from a modern sandtrooper
-large rifle from evo sandtrooper

i have an obscene amount of parts and acessories so just let me know what you need and i will be glad to take a look through my stuff. thanks.
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By jedistyle
bump with a few "need" updates
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By jedistyle
theres just some parts out there that no matter how you use them they always make a custom look great man..... :)
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By Hawkeye
I might have some of the Barrel Roll heads.

You still looking for them?
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By jedistyle
definetley, i return pm'ed you, thanks.
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By jedistyle
thanks to hawkeye for the barrel roll heads. bump with a few new needs. thanks! :)
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