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By BrentS
I just wanted to start up a thread. Niktom hooked me up with something I've been dying to get. Thanks buddy!
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By drmdns
First deal with Scott and all went well. :) Packaged the items well and shipped fast. Thanks :wink:
By tenike1
The best. :D
By tenike1
Niktom is a reliable payer and a good friend. Thanks, youuuu! :D
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By Incom
I bought Scott's awesome Yak's Pub Weekend Specials Vol.1. Scott kept great contact all the time and shipped the DVD fast and well packaged.

The DVD itself is super cool! Scott clearly made an awesome product and the layout of the slimcase and dvd itself is just as cool.

Thanks, man!
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By BrentS
Scott came through like a Champ again. Trade with confidence!!
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By BrentS
Scott hooked me up with another SWEET trade. Thanks again.
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By YAK_Den
I just received an item from Niktom! Great shipping and item was perfect! Thanks Niktom!
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By Darth Kikinou
I finally got around to watching Niktom's Yak's Pub DVD, it is awesome! Really pro job, seamless sequences, and of course absolutely hilarious!! I highly recommend it. My fave is the "My Bicycle" song hehe ;) Really nicely done with the DVD cover art and the menus and all, well done man! Thanks!!
By tenike1
Nik' recently helped me complete my 30th Anniversary coin collection. He sent me a black expanded universe coin free of charge. Glad to have had so many great experiences with other collectors on this board and Niktom is definitely one of the greats.
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By Michael
Nik thanks for the Auction Win, well pleased with package.
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