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By roron corobb
Incom is a great trader from over the big pond. Smooth transaction, I receive a few fodder parts from him in great condition. Great guy with great communication. I would deal with him any time in the future. Thanks again Incom.
roron corobb
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By jedistyle
just finished atrade with incom for some parts fodder. he really was very generous on the trade, he has great communication as always and his shipping was really quick for being across an ocean. great guy, i definetley recommend him and plan to deal with him again in the future! :D

thanks remco!
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By jedistyle
completed yet another great transaction with remco. he dosnt get the distro in the netherlands like we do here so i picke dup 5 of the comic packs for him. he paid instanly and had great communication, the shipping waas also a bit more than we had thought it was gunna be and he quickly sent additional funds to cover it. great guy, great community member and is definetley on the top of my list of trust worthy people to deal with. thanks.
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By Michael
What can I say Remco is a good guy, and I love the TIE Fighter he drew for me, lol, I have kept the note to blackmail him at a later date.

But seriously Trade and Buy with confidence he is a good guy, I cant say more than that, you wont be disappointed.
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By JediJman
I recently sold a few figs to Remco. Transaction including payment and communication were great. No worries trading with our friend from the Netherlands! :D
By DarthCatfish
Just completed a great trade with Remco, all items arrived across the pond safely on both ends. Rather surprised how quickly stuff shipped in both directions.

Communication was great, would definitely do business with him again.
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By roron corobb
I would say it has been a while, but think that is an understatement, as I was the first to post in this thread back in 2006. Though as always an excellent deal/trade with Incom. Don't think I can echo anything new that hasn't already been said above, still a great guy and always willing to deal with him. Thanks again Incom.

roron corobb
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