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By rc-1207 Sev
About a month back did a great trade with DROD hooked me up with some vintage wave 7 & 6. Great packaging and speedy shipping packed well and very fair prices on the figures. Never think twice on any transaction with him.
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By rc-1207 Sev
Just got my package of the new Delta Squad from droid today ! Awesome shipping and great packing i am so happy i was able t get these !
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By rc-1207 Sev
Well wrapped another great trade for some new Vintage and HTF Comic Pack figures. Great guy would not hesitate to do another transaction with him. :wink:
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By rc-1207 Sev
I gotta hand it to drod26 here..

I have not completed the deal yet but I gave him a very short notice question if he could go after a Jacen and Jaina Solo figure for me. He had no problem with it and won both for me. And is allowing me to send cash for them with no extra charge..

Never hesitate to do a trade with this guy. He is one of the best people I deal with for trades and I can't say enough good stuff about him.
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By rc-1207 Sev
He helped me score a complete Exar Kun of eBay. .

Great guy thanks again man !
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