Moderators: YAK_Chewie, Staff

Below is a complete alphabetical list of all of the Yakface members who have garnered feedback for transactions here in our Trading and/or Watto's Parts Forums. It is strongly suggested that you use this directory to both verify the feedback of a fellow member you may potentially want to deal with, as well as to leave feedback for members with whom you've recently completed a transaction.

Please take the time to search for a member's prior personal feedback thread when leaving feedback, before starting an all-new one only if necessary! Any duplicate member threads will simply be merged by the moderators for your convenience. Next to the member's consolidated feedback links, you will also find their respective positive feedback tallies for your reference. In the post immediately following this one, we have also organized the positive feedback numerically as well.

Thanks and have trading here at YakFace!

bikerscout +3
BrentS +7
Commander DiFabio +2
Darth Holmes +1
Darth Kikinou +1
drmdns +1
Famine +2
Fritzkrieg +1
Gorkoracing +1
Grendyle Spyce +1
Incom +1
JediStyle +2
Johnboy Walton +1
Lance_Quazar +1
mister_palpatine +1
Niktom +5
Roron Corobb +4
Tenike1 +12 (and soaring up)
Theo Zissou +3
Yak_Chewie +9

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