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By tenike1
This man is trust-worthy. Having never done business with him before, or vice versa, he sent the payment on my word that I would also send him his stuff. Everything went okay, but I like the confidence exerted by him that I am not such a bad guy. :wink: He will make you feel good about yourself and follow through with the game plan. Don't hesitate to do business with Chewie.
By tenike1
Chewie came through in the clutch again. He was also as generous to provide me a paper towel to use with my dinner. Now, that's a true assist. Thanks, man. :D
By tenike1
I got your mail today, buddy. The letters you write make me feel like the most important person in the world. Thanks for giving me another reason to get up and live life every day. :D
By tenike1
A classic letter from Chewie. How can you not love this guy? I do wish you luck, by the way. I hope all has gone well. Thank you again for the letter.

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: + :twisted:
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By Commander DiFabio
tenike1 wrote:
YAK_Chewie: Thanks again for collaborating with Brent to get me the coins. They are really great. Hopefully I can use the extra set I get myself to get some European versions. You didn't have to fork these over to me for free, so I really appreciate it. Thank you.
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By Commander DiFabio
tenike1 wrote:Chewie, I received a surprise in the mail today: sixteen coins wrapped nicely. Thank you!
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By roron corobb
Chewie is a great guy. I receive a tactical display table from him in great condition. Great trader with great communication and would highly recommend to anyone. I would deal with him any time in the future. Thanks again Chewie and I hope you enjoy the globe.
roron corobb
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By Niktom
Chewie of Yak gets a 5 out of 5 Yak Rating for a most excellent transaction.

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By Commander DiFabio
This Wookie is movin on up. 8) 10+ Fantastic, and a pleasure to deal with. He shipped the figure very quickly, sooner than most actually. Gree was packed up perfectly. On top of it he even went out of his way to look for it, it was exactly as he described also, perhaps even better. Very well done Chewie, I will definately look foward to future trades/buys/sells with you.

Thanks again, you get 5/5 in my book.

8) 8) 8) 8) 8)

Never hesitate to make a deal with this guy, you may have heard that phrase countless times but it's true you won't be sorry.
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By YAK_Den
Chewie is the best! I've received multiple items from him! He's great with shipping and items arrive perfect :D! Thanks buddy!
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By Paulskywalker
Got my two figures today, their well cool! Chewie is great to deal with and really helpful; thanks Chewie.
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By johnboy walton
Obviously, if you've been on here at the Yak for any length of time, or several other sites, you know that Chewie is about as good as they come. So it should come as no surprise that any type of transaction; whether it be a trade, purchase or sale would follow in the same vein of integrity that Chewie expresses daily on the forums.

Mailed out a small vehicle last week and got the payment super quick... I think this is actually my first "official" transaction with Chewie, but of course, I had no hesitations - same as I would advise anyone else looking to do business with Chewie!

Thanks Justin, take care!
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