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By Lamename
Hello all,

I have an Episode 1 original VHS FULL lenticular prototype sleeve that was given to me by a 20th Century Fox executive back in 1998-1999. A very small quantity (50 or less) were made to show Lucasfilm what they would look like, but they were deemed to be too expensive and were scrapped. To the best of my knowledge, only two survived while the rest were destroyed.

This is NOT the lenticular wrap around that was used for the clamshell version later on, but a full 5-sided lenticular paperboard sleeve with simulated motion on all sides when tipped. The artwork/photos and title are from the movie, but the final text on the back was not yet determined, so they used "greeking" instead (simulated gibberish, with a few recognizable/laughable words thrown in throughout).

Has anyone heard of this before or seen it, and would anyone at all venture a guess as to the value of such a rare item?

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