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One of my hobby resolutions for 2019 is to display/show off my collection. Some of it will be put on "permanent" display (mainly Black Series 6"), while other pieces will be with like items (POP) and others will hopefully be put in dioramas (3.75")

The first spotlight of my collection is the Bounty Hunters. I remember seeing them in ESB as a kid and was instantly drawn to them. They were some of my favorite characters then as well as now. I decided to photograph them first.

First up is the 3.75" since that is the bulk of my collection/interest.
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Black Series 6 inch Being mainly a 3.75" inch collector, I never planned on collecting this scale. That changed when I got my first 6-inch as a prize on here (Yakfinities #50 Original Trilogy). I then decided to get characters from the OT and RO and was thrilled that they released the Bounty Hunters from ESB. They will be displayed with the rest of my ESB collection but here they are in their glory
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POP Another line I didn't intend on getting/starting until I got Boba Fett as a gift from my mother-in-law. She knew I was a collector of Star Wars and he was a favorite character. Since then, I picked up the rest of the Hunters. These are on display with the rest of the POP collection which is mostly my wife's collection. She likes the "cuter" side of pop culture
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Mighty Muggs Another collection of "cute" pop culture. Boba Fett was the first followed by the rest. A shame they didn't make the rest of the Bounty Hunters before cancelling the line. The Mini Muggs were a 3 pack. They share display space with our other Mighty Muggs and POP.
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Fett Focus These are currently living on a bookshelf since they really don't "go" with the rest of my collection. Fett is my favorite of the Hunters (except they kind of ruined him for me in my opinion in the PT :wink: ). I'm thinking about making some sort of display case for these three
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