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First & Foremost... In order to post Want Lists at the Yakface Forums, we would like for you to read the below rules and sign your name on this post. Failure to sign and comply to the rules and regulations set forth by Yakface.com may result in your thread being locked by administration. Please sign this thread by posting your First Name & Last Initial followed by your screen name.

In the Yakface Classified Section, only Want Lists and Have Lists are permitted. All threads in the Classified Section that have anything to do with trading may be closed by an administrator. If you have trading to do, please conduct your business in the Trading Forum.

Each forum member is restricted to one thread for their Wants/Haves List. Please update your thread as needed, but do not post multiple threads each time you are looking to sell or buy.

Figures that are currently shipping at the time you post your sales list, should be offered at retail price.

Figures that are not currently shipping of the time you post your sales list, should be priced within reason. Ebay may be your best route if you're looking to make profits on your items.

Please accurately describe all the aspects of the item being sold (loose, carded, card condition and figure condition). If the items you list are not described, the thread will be closed (you may re-post following the forum regulations). You must add prices you are asking for each item being sold.

All transactions done on the Yakface.com forums are done at your own risk. Yakface.com can not be liable for any transactions made.

If you have any comments or suggestions please contact the administration. Good luck with your transactions here!
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By Commander DiFabio
Anthony DiFabio,

Commander DiFabio
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By jedistyle
sounds good and is a great addition to the forums. i understand and will follow all the above rules. :)
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By Niktom
Scott H. ~Niktom

"Hey! Buy my stuff."
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By BrentS
Brent S.
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By YAK_Jayson
Jayson K.

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By Duke
Russell J.
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By Incom
Remco Zwart

By terman123
Terry Laing
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By The Professor
Chris H.

The Professor
By CloneTrooperJR
Signed -
Calvin L
CloneTroopeJR :D
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