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i was going to use these figures for customizing fodder, but the battery died in my Camry, so i could use the cash instead of the figures right now.

here is the complete list of what i have available

--- TAC ---

Luke Tatooine w/moisture vaporator MOC $6
Holiday Special Fett MOC $7
Yavin Rebel Honor Guard -- Loose complete with staff & blaster, no coin $5
Darth Vader ANH Sith Lord #16 -- Loose complete $5
Stormtrooper Loose complete $5
Comic Pack Tarkin & Stormtrooper w/blue highlights MOC has some card wear at top $10

--- The Saga Collection/Saga 2 Black cardbacks ---

Scorch Republic Commando #21 w/red Yoda minifig MOC $8
R4-K5 Vader's Astromech #68 w/red Stormie minfig MOC $8
Clone Trooper Combat Engineer #68 w/red Dooku minifig MOC $8
Clone Trooper 442nd Siege Battalion #57 w/red Han minifig MOC $8
Holo Obi-Wan (light blue sparkley variant) #63 w/red Amidala minifig MOC $8
Holo Darth Maul #48 w/red Fett minifig MOC $8
Aurra Sing Wal-Mart Excl #70 w/red Fett minifig MOC $8
Kitik Keed'kak Wal-Mart Excl #71 w/red Amidala minifig MOC $8
Nabrun Leids & Kabe Wal-Mart Excl #72 w/red Amidala minifig MOC $8
Labria Wal-Mart Excl #73 w/red Palpy minifig MOC $8

--- Animated Clone Wars ---

Count Dooku Loose Complete with Lightsaber + stand $4
Durge Loose Complete with Staff + stand $4

--- Gentle Giant Animated Clone Wars Bust-Ups Series 7 ---

Selling as a Set of 6 --- $25 for all
Obi-Wan Kenobi Clone armor - sealed box
Padme Snowbunny - sealed box
Yoda - sealed box
Grievous - opened box, figure was not opened
Anakin Tattoo - opened box, figure was not opened
Blue ARC Clone Trooper - opened box, figure was not opened

--- Cardbacks - bubbles were cut off with exacto ---

TAC Mc Quarrie Chewie
TAC Imperial Stormtrooper

VOTC Luke Bespin
VOTC Hoth Snowtrooper
VOTC Han Hoth Outfit
VOTC Bossk
VOTC Leia in Endor Poncho
VOTC Sandpeople
VOTC Greedo
VOTC Luke X-Wing
VOTC Han Endor Trenchcoat

ROTJ Tin Leia Ewok Endor/Rebel Commando

Make me an offer on these - I'm not sure what to price them at - so don't be shy.

UGH Gold Mc Quarrie Concept Chewie - SOLD
UGH Gold Airborne Clone Trooper - SOLD
Luke Jedi Knight - SOLD
Helis Elrot - SOLD
M'iiyoom Onith - SOLD
I can ship either loose or carded, if you want them loose please let me know. If you need pics, i will be more than happy to do so.

The only thing i'm looking to trade for right now is for a VOTC Luke X-Wing Pilot, loose with blaster pistol.

I can take Paypal or money orders for payment. I have over 700+ positive feedbacks on ebay & have traded with other members here & locally on rebelscum & jedidefender.

Please PM me with any questions. Thanks!
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By Lance Quazar

Very interested in the Jedi Luke and the two new cantina guys, if still available.

LMK and thanks!

(loose would be fine for me, if it'll make shipping cheaper.)
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By Ripley
sorry i didn't get this updated sooner.
i have a guy sending me a money order for the Luke Jedi & 2 Cantina guys as well as the 2 UGH's ... i don't think he's flaking on me.

2 people flaked on me on the Holiday Fett so i still have it available.
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By Darth Kikinou
What else 'ya got? ;) I like to make shipping worthwhile :)
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By Ripley
funny you should ask Kikinou, i was just about to add some other extras that i found today to the list.

please check out my 1st post for the additions & pricing.
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By Ripley
added some cardbacks i found.

prices aren't set in stone ...

if nothing moves in a couple of weeks, i'm gonna have to toss these to ebay simply b/c i could really use some money to pay for - you guessed it - car repairs. :cry:
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