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By Ripley
Everything came from cases, so the cards & bubbles are very nice.
here's my list of stuff for sale:

TAC McQuarrie Vader MOC $7
TAC A-Wing Pilot Tycho MOC $6
TAC Rebel Vanguard Trooper MOC $6

Tarkin/Stormtrooper Comic 2 pack 1st version MOC $8

Items Below Sold

TAC Padme Fireside Gown MOC $6 - SOLD
TAC Droideka w/shield MOC $6 - SOLD
TAC Anakin's Spirit MOC $6 - SOLD
TAC R2 w/Cargo Net MOC $6 - SOLD
TAC Airborne Clone Trooper MOC $5 - SOLD
TAC R2 w/rocket flames MOC $5 - SOLD
TAC Stormtrooper MOC $5 - SOLD
TAC Luke w/Moisture Vaparator MOC $5 - SOLD
TAC Mustafar Lava Miner MOC $5 - SOLD
TAC Clone Trooper 7th Legion MOC $6 - SOLD
TAC Naboo Soldier MOC $6 - SOLD
TAC Pax Bonkik MOC $6 - SOLD
TAC Jango Fett w/Poncho MOC $6 - SOLD
TAC Voolvif Monn MOC $6 - - SOLD
TAC Clone Trooper Training Fatigues MOC $6 - SOLD

I can provide pics if anyone needs them.
I don't have a feedback thread b/c I've only dealt with a few people here.
Please feel free to check my husband & I's feedback on ebay under the name justjoe13.

Please PM me with any questions, I'll be putting this list on a couple of other forums. Time to start cleaning out - thanks for looking.
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By Ripley
Both PM's replied to - thanks guys :)
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