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I've been changing my collecting habits over the last few months and I'm moving out a surplus of figures that I have acquired. I'm going to use Chewie's method and try to minimize the number of trips to the post-office. I've taken some of his rules and modified them :) :

1) I need paypal for payment.

2) Buyer pays all shipping costs.

3) Unless its a single item you are dying to get your hands on (which I doubt), I am asking for a minimum order of $20.00 per buyer. The reason is I have very little time to go through this stuff and make a lot of trips to the post office... whatever doesn't sell will end up on eBay in some form or another in the next few weeks (or whenever the next listing sale happens).

$20 each
McQuarrie C4 Droids [s]x2[/s] (1 SOLD JB @ Yak)
TSC Kit Fisto Starfighter
TAC Sith Infiltrator
TRU Gold Y-Wing Loose (Ship Only No Figs)
TAC Treachery on Saleucami Battle Pack

$15 each
McQuarrie Obi-Wan and Yoda [s]x 2[/s] (1 SOLD JB @ Yak)

$13 each
ROTS Neyo Clone Trooper (Target Exclusive) x2
ROTS Utapau Shadow Clone (Target Exclusive) x2

$8 each
Mara Jade/Luke Comic Pack
[s]Koffi Arana/Bultar Swan Comic Pack[/s] Pending (b11 @ Yak)

$7 each
SL Dark Trooper x2
[s]TAC McQuarrie Starkiller Hero (37) x2[/s] SOLD MJ
TAC Hermi Odle
TAC Jango Fett (57)
TAC Roomba & Graak (ewoks)
TSC Aurra Sing (#70)
TSC R4-K5 Vader's Droid (#66) x2

$6 each
VSTC Han Solo (Carded on Non-Mint Card)
VSTC IG-88 (Carded on Non-Mint Card)
TAC McQuarrie Vader (28) x3
[s]TAC McQuarrie Chewie (21)[/s] (SOLD RB @ Yak)
[s]TAC McQuarrie Stormtrooper (06) x2[/s] (SOLD RB @ Yak)
TAC McQuarrie Boba Fett (15)
TAC General McQuarrie (40) x2
TAC Clone Trooper in Training Fatigues (55) x3
TAC Fireside Padme (56) x2
TAC Voolvif

$5 each
TSC Labria (#73)
TSC Kitik Keed Kak (#71)
[s]TAC Rebel Honor Guard (#10) [/s] Pending (b11 @ Yak)
TAC Elis Helrot
TAC M'iiyoom
TAC Airborne Trooper (#07) x6
TAC 4-LOM (#41) x2
TAC Stormtrooper (#20) x3
TAC Galactic Marine (#02)
TAC Tycho A-Wing Pilot (44)
TAC R2-D2 (endor) (46)
TAC Anakin (spirit) (45)
SL Sandtrooper (Dirty White Pauldron) x2
SL Pit Droids (Cream)
[s]SL Bike Scout [/s] Pending (b11 @ Yak)
SL Imperial Officer (Dark Hair)

$4 each
TSC Padme Amidala (#67) x2
TSC Nabrun Leids (#72) x2
TSC R5-J2 (#58)
TSC Yareel Poof (#69)
TSC Holo Obi-Wan (#63)
TAC Super Battle Droid
TAC Darth Vader (#16)
CW Animated Anakin Ripped Shirt (Season III)
ROTS SA Clone Trooper (41) x7 (non-mint cards)
ROTS Clone Commander x4 (non-mint cards)
[s]ROTS Obi Wan (Pilot) x2 (non-mint cards)[/s] SOLD MJ
ROTS Padme Amidala x2 (non-mint cards)
ROTS Shaak Ti (non-mint cards)
GI JOE 25th Anniversary Master of Disguise Carded Figure

$3 each
ROTS AT-TE Gunner (non-mint cards)
ROTS C3PO (non-mint cards)
ROTS Ask Aak (non-mint cards)
ROTS Mon Mothma (non-mint cards)
[s]ROTS Tarkin (non-mint cards)[/s] Pending (b11 @ Yak)
[s]SAGA1 Lando (Sail Barge)[/s] Pending (b11 @ Yak)
SAGA1 The Emperor (Throne Room)
SAGA1 Djas Puhr
SAGA1 Dutch Vander
SAGA1 Endor Rebel "Rykrof Enloe"
ROTS Holo Emperor (TRU) x2 (one SOLD)
[s]ROTS Holo Yoda[/s] SOLD
[s]ROTS Lava Reflection Obi-Wan[/s] SOLD
[s]ROTS Lava Reflection Anakin[/s] SOLD
[s]TSC Demise of Grievious[/s] SOLD
Utlimate Soldier XD - D-Day Tank Commander Jesse "Wildman" James

[s]$4 TAC McQuarrie Concept Stormtrooper[/s] SOLD MJ
$4 WM - Commander Keller from Comic Pack
[s]$2 TAC Han Solo (Falcon Pilot) [/s] Pending (b11 @ Yak)
$2 TAC Biggs Pilot
$2 TAC Darth Vader

Galactic Heroes Figures (all loose)
[s]$3 Zuckuss[/s] Pending DF
[s]$3 IG-88[/s] Pending DF
[s]$3 Dengar[/s] Pending DF
$3 Ponda Baba
$3 Hammerhead
$3 Han Solo (Cantina)
$3 Darth Vader (finger point pose)
$3 C-3PO
[s]$3 R2-D2[/s] Pending DF
$3 Count Dooku
$3 Emperor Palpatine
$3 Shocktrooper
$3 Obi Wan Kenobi (EP1)
$3 Darth Maul (2 bladed saber)
$3 Duros
$3 Garindan
[s]$3 Skiff Guard[/s] Pending DF
$3 Marvel - Daredevil
$3 Marvel - Electra

(or any 4 of the above for $10)

$5 Kit Fisto
$5 Mace Windu

MANY MORE loose figures to come

I'll ship everything via USPS or UPS (depending on size/weight). I can ship carded or loose/complete if you prefer.

I'm also selling Custom Fodder so check my other thread for that stuff!
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