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I'm selling these for my brother who's currently stuck in the hospital but needs to move these items. This is (obviously) his account, not mine. Here's what we currently have available, everything is sealed. Prices are SHIPPED with FedEx insured shipping to the lower 48. We will ship worldwide but we'd have to work out pricing. All payments must be through PayPal and we won't accept gifted payments, this is to make sure we're all covered :)

Also, here are two package deal options if you want everything and a discount:

Everything (both X-Wings) $500

Everything (one X-Wing) $400

• Legacy Collection: Wedge's X-Wing (Target Exclusive) - $100 each

There are two of these available and they're both in fantastic condition.

• Death Star Trench Run Set (Toy's'rus Exclusive) - $100]

This is the big set with Luke's X-wing and Vader's Tie

• Clone Wars Republic Gunship - $100

This is the 2003 release with the tiger-shark like stripes along the side

• Clone Wars AT-TE - $80

Not mint but it's sealed and there aren't any tears or rips.

• AT-AT - $180

This is the big one in the blue box from 2012 I believe, also has moderate shelf ware.
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