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Hi All,
I have the following graded and non-graded figures for sale:

AFA Graded:
Jawa - 12 Back B (Grade 70) Asking $775
Sand People 12 Back C (Grade 75) Asking $825
Stormtrooper - 12 Back B (Grade 75) Asking $925
Greedo - 21 Back A (Grade 80) Asking $1200
Yoda - ESB 32 Back B (Grade 75) Asking $750
Princess Leia Organa - ESB 41 Back E (Grade 80) Asking $625

MOC Non-Graded
Han Solo - ESB 31 Back A Asking $375
Zuckuss - ESB 48 Back A Asking $350
Snowtrooper - ESB 48 Back C Asking $450
B-Wing Pilot - ROTJ 77 Back B Asking $70
Logray Ewok - ROTJ 77 Back B Asking $70

Please private message me if you are interested in any of the above and I supply, details, pictures, etc.
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