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By _Dan_
Just received a YVH-1 figure that I bought from StooperZero. His price was excellent and I couldn't ask for faster shipping.

Thanks Rick!
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By lugo_matapollos
I traded a beast for a vehicule with this guy, he even waited until I could go abroad to the US to put the package in the mail, Im sad to say that I dont trust my own's country post services....even whit that delay of my side, he put a lot of cool extra figures into the package!!!! awesome! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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By mrhoppers819
Just got my package today and Wow! I bought like 8 or 9 figures from him and literally added like 20 more figures to to the box i was so impressed. He is a great guy and I highly recommend buying or trading with him....You will not be dissappointed.
By Sybeck1
I just recieved a great Han and Luke Stormtrooper and 2 Biker scout for a great price!! It was my first deal here and it was very well!! ++5 A+++
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By Kolti Wan Kenobi
What can I say, I've dealt with Rick a few times, and he's always gone way beyond on trades and selling. The last deal, he sent a ludicrous amount of freebies... Don't hesitate to deal with him. Fast shipping and great communication. I almost want to send another check in the mail to him! I couldn't recommend him more.
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By mrhoppers819
Just completed another trade with Stooperzero!! Another great trade! He gave me like a dozen figures and several speeder bikes for basically nothing(one figure) don't hesitate to trade or buy from him...Great experience!!! Thanks again

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