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By Jedi_knight_Cenvax
You are right lance.I feel badti dare call myself a creator and skip parts like effects and setups.I do believe we must not only tend to the creaters.but if we want to be pners we must be ery constructive and pashent and be more inspired me to be better. i will take this into consideration.
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By Lance Quazar
There have been a lot of really great PNs in the past month or two which are languishing without much commentary! :(

Let's try to get back in the game, gang and support the awesome work being done in this forum!

I've been very bad with comments, as well, but I'm going to try to get caught up this week with most of the new stuff.

So come on, gang! Let's support the wonderful work done by our great local artists!!
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By YAK_Chewie
Ok guys, bumping this upgain... let's show some support for Drewton and everyone else for their amazing work lately!

In fact, this is a sticky topic now to remind everyone that each time someone creates a photonovel, that person has put a TON of time and effort into bringing something completely original to the forum for our entertainment.

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By Lance Quazar
Thanks, Chewie! Every photo novel out there represents an incredible amount of time and effort and the least we can do is support and encourage our fellow forum members for working so hard to give us something to enjoy.

I'm in the middle of rectifying some past omissions in my own posts. But I get excited every time I see some new work.

It takes so little time to fire off a couple of thoughtful sentences to the PN authors in this forum, but it means SO much.

So let's hop to it!
By zedhatch
I admit I am completely terrible at responding. Not cause I don't care but I am swamped right now. As I said in my last update my Mother in law was in a terrible car accedent and I haven't even had time to breathe let alone update, but then again I was really bad for it before all of that. So After this week (When I finish off scalewars, and get my mother in law moved in here) I plan to be a bit better at it. I know I try to read everything Not always successfull) and useually 2 seconds after I do Something happens that requires my imediate attention, but I am going to do my red letter best to be better at commenting even if I only have time for a generic "good job" comment due to time constraints. I figures some feedback is better than none like I have been doing.

Sorry for past transgressions on that, bu thanks for pointing it out so I can put it on the top of my to do list.
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By julianmaurice
Lance, you are spot on with this one.

The only thing I will say, is that creating a photonovel is fairly restrictive, not everyone has the time and recourses to make a photo novel, which is why many people may not visit the forum.

I applaud your efforts, as I have been trumpeting the cause for a while myself, but I've now got so absorbed in creating my own piece of work that it has restriced the amount of time I can spend commenting on other people's work.

I have tried to make an effort and to comment on all new PN posts, not only is it polite, but it an important part of what this forum is all about, a mutual appreciaton of creativity.

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By YAK_Chewie
Be sure to find some time to read through all the updates that Darth Kikinou has completed lately guys. His series, "The Guardians of Peace and Justice" is a very good read and he worked his tail off on it.

If we expect to get feedback on our own work, we need to show that same courtesy to the rest of the group here as well. 8)

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By jedistyle
well it seems there is a ton of new stuff going on in the PN that i have internet again i have to get crackin and catch up.....there is alot of talented pn artist out there and im a fan of all thier work and efforts and im going to be sure to stick to the 10 or bust movment! :D
By ReallyMe
So THIS is where you lot are hanging out and talking! So are people commenting here?

That's right - the maker of the worst action-figure comic ever has arrived! Are you getting 5 responses per post? I'm in.
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By YAK_Chewie
ReallyMe wrote:So THIS is where you lot are hanging out and talking! So are people commenting here?

That's right - the maker of the worst action-figure comic ever has arrived! Are you getting 5 responses per post? I'm in.

Hey! Welcome to Yakface forums! We have a lot of fun here... good to see you on this side of the outer rim. :)

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