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That was great, very entertaining. You're certainly putting a lot of work into this. The images look great, and very video game esque - something I usually don't dig but since this is about characters from video games, it's perfect.

So, I'm wondering will most chapters focus on flying around space, or will there be some land explorations as well? Can't wait to see more, and thanks again for sharing your work here.

Gotcha - see, I am not all that familiar with the game. This whole thing is pretty new to me - either way I am enjoying it.

Hopefully this series doesn't go unnoticed, I know there's been a lower interest for photonovels lately. Hopefully that will change and we'll see things pick back up soon. I'm slowly but surely working on my next chapter too.

BTW, you made the front page again. :)




I really appreciate your attention with this, you have gone the extra mile for me and it is duly noted....Yes the forum is a bit quiet but not to worry, I'm just glad it's here. I get very little free time at the moment and this is a great release for me.

I'm taking a weeks break and then will start crafting some more!

Jules, this is great, really great! It was so exciting, I felt like I was behind the Joystick again reading this! As I said before, I actually can't remember how the game progressed, but I do remember I had great fun playing it, so this is a real treat for me! All the grapics are amazing, and I like the use of the Major Panno fig you slipped in there! I can say with total honesty that I'm hooked, and I can't wait for part 3!
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By Lance Quazar
I still have a LOT of catching up to do in this forum.

But this series is a visual FEAST. It's just absolutely incredible. The images are gorgeous and remarkable.

This was a very exciting chapter with some cool action scenes and moments of real tension. I definitely enjoy the interplay between the Azzameen siblings, some very nice work there with dialogue and character. Don't have too much else to say about story/content issues. This is a straightforward chapter, but fun!

This series is a real ride and I will be digesting the other chapters shortly. I can't imagine all the effort that went into crafting the stunning images here. Truly amazing!
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By Incom
Very exciting chapter, Jules! That's actually the exact story of one of the missions, isn't it? Harlequin station, the gas cannisters, the SPC bailing.... great recapture of the events in the game. And this chapter already "flows" more than chapter 1. Love the effects of the shields getting hit by the lasers, by the way!
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By julianmaurice
Incom, it's really great to see you enjoying this project.

This chapter is almost exactly as per the game, obviously with tweaked effects and my own Photoshop work, plus some additional dialogue for Ace.

I hope you keep up with this, as it's great seeing your feedback!

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By Incom
My pleasure Jules, I've been a lurker in this section for far too long. It only takes a couple of minutes to read through each chapter, plus a minute or two to comment on it. So from now on whenever I'm online (which is quite often) I first read a PN chapter, comment on it and then go about my usual rantings :D

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