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Drewton wrote:I was kind of not so sure about astromechs, protocol, and GNK droids being able to take down living people, but alright, there seemed to be a fair amount of armed droids on the ship. Reminds me of Peragus from KotOR II.

heh heh heh :-) Well, it's a matter of overwhelming numbers, of unarmed organic flesh and blood civilians being overrun by rigid metal machines, I think any of us would succumb to a dozen astromechs turning on us ;-)

The motion blur when the wampa slams a nexu to the ground is very, very nice. Was that blur from while you were filming? The sparks flying at the beginning of the chapter was some good attention to detail too.

LOL, that shot was blind luck, I was taking the snap and the wampa fell over and I thought it was AWESOME, I couldn't have reproduced such a shot if I tried, not in a million tries.

There are still a couple of flaws: that Gunray should maybe recognize Maul later on, but similar thinsg have happened in the movies. And that one year of training seems too short a time to train Maul - maybe this would have been better as a flashback?

Hrm that's true. Hadn't thought of that, about Gunray. Maybe he didn't recognize him in the cloak lol.

Thanks man!!
YAK_Chewie wrote:I never would have guessed that Nexu/Wampa shot wasn't digitially altered - wow!


Holy crap. Sometimes I'm so eager to devour the story that I don't pay enough attention to the visuals.

But, yeah, that shot is INCREDIBLE! Amazing job!!!

p.s. - to respond to Drewton's comment, given the mask he's wearing and the wildly different circumstances, I have no trouble believing that Gunray wouldn't recognize Maul even a year later. Just my $.02

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