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By Grimace
thanks guys, those few Batman figures of mine finally got some good use!

I was clicking around the Youtube when I came across this song and remembered what it means in English


here's the translation

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By Grimace

well this is going to be it again for a while
on 11/12 I will check into the hospital once again for another round of chemo

I had the CAT scan yesterday, which showed the cancer in my lymph nodes above the diaphragm has cancer still growing, and it has moved into my lungs now as well
the doc said they wont do radiation treatments above the diaphragm, so chemo is my only option
he would not give any guarantee that the next rounds of chemo will eliminate my cancer

the treatment lasts for 96 hours, or 4 days total
I check in on Wednesday at 9am and will be released on Sunday

the doc wanted to give me yet another round of chemo in December, but I asked for it to be delayed til after Celebration 7, which he agreed to
my cancer is not life threatening, but still requires immediate treatment
I asked for the delay so I can recover from the side effects and build my strength back up for the convention
the doc said he liked that I am making plans to do something I really want to do, and was happy to delay my 4th round of chemo until the event is over

I know I would not be strong enough to attend having only 4 months of recovery
heck, it's been just over 5 months and I still have issues on occasion

I'll be checking in when I can
thanks to everyone for your support

AKA Grimace
By Grimace
thanks everyone!

I'm home now
kinda tired but in good spirits
this time around was nothing like the first two chemo
I didn't have to do the radiation and that made for a much easier go around this time

I'll need at least one more round of chemo but that wont happen until the end of April, so I plan to enjoy life in the meantime!!!!
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