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By Grimace
thanks, it's great to be here!

I was driving around town today, listening to an old tape I made in the early 1990s
this song came on and inspired today's skit
something a bit obscure since I had to look up the name of the group

By Grimace
a vision of one possible future, where Weird Al Yankovic does this little tune inspired by the next Avengers movie

By Grimace
I have something personal I'd like to share

on 1/26 I went in for a CT scan, and today saw the doc to learn the results
he said the cancer that had spread into my lungs and lymph nodes have shrunk to a level that can't be detected by the scan
he cautioned me by adding that just because it couldn't be seen does not mean that it is completely gone

I asked him what I should tell folks when they ask me how I'm doing

he said to say that I'm in remission but will have another round of chemo in May
I know that most folks would do the chemo right away, but I want to be strong for Celebration
my doc knows this and of course was willing to postpone my next round until after the convention

long story short, REMISSION!!!
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By StooperZero
Great news Grimace!

Take every damn day for what you can get out of it!


"every day after this is a gift"

Unwrap it, smash it and wear it out.
By Grimace
sharing good news like this makes me feel even better!

on with the show!


these figures are from an older box set, which I'm surprised Hasbro didn't re-release for the movie last year
but who can explain how Hasbro comes to make the decisions they do
I'm sure at a loss
anyway, I found this set on clearance at a Walmart in my area and decided to spend the cash to make this skit
By Grimace
shame on me for not thinking of this skit earlier


my mom used to sing this to me as a reminder that I had to earn my allowance in grade school
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