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By Grimace
this one required some research, and after hearing the song I'm sure I heard it for the first time tonight
oh well, hope you get the joke!

By Grimace
thanks guys!
I've made over 140 of these now, and I've reached the point where I have to do research for some of them, including this one


when I saw the name of the band I knew I was done looking, but wow I am too old to enjoy this headbanger band

the Weeping Angel figure has zero articulation
and to think I was disappointed with the new Rebels figures amount of articulation
just goes to show, it could always be worse
By Grimace
StooperZero wrote::lol: :lol:

i haven't listened to Vader in years.. "Never Say my Name!"

you inadvertently inspired my next skit!

By Grimace
Thank you for all the kind words!
I've made close to 150 of these goofy things
the whole point of this thread is to make people smile and hopefully laugh


this is it for a couple of weeks
I leave for Celebration next Monday and will return a week later
if you're going to Celebration, please say hi
I'll be the one in the Star Wars shirt
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