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Hey, gang! Wanted to give you all the head's up about the exciting things happening at the new and improved Photonovel Alliance website!

Over the past few months, our own Darth Kikinou has been expanding and updated the site, adding some truly terrific photonovels from days gone by.

Among the great new offerings -

"Dark Illusion" - S.A. Longhorn's staggeringly epic PT story.

"Old Friends" - one of my favorite stories ever, a crowd-pleasing adventure that is one of the rare Original Trilogy stories out there.

Shellachead's visually stunning "Republic Frontline"

"Execution" - arguably the best of the stories by the extremely prolific Lushros Dofine.

I remember when all of these stories were first posted and hotly discussed back in the day. Now they will live forever and hopefully find a new audience on the Alliance, now more than ever an invaluable resource and repository for so much wonderful passion and creativity.

The stories of yesterday and today truly inspired me with my own work. Which, by the way, is also on the site, including my brand new "Aayla Secura: Resurrection" chapter. (not to mention my tragically truncated Interactive Photonovel.)

And I almost forgot to mention - a true "lost classic" has been unearthed and brought back to life.

One of the photonovels from the late, lamented Custom Alliance has been wrested from the dusty archives of the internet. Back in the late 90s, Scott Corrales was one of the absolute trailblazers of the art form, crafting a trilogy of amazing Han Solo stories and some incredible PT tales, as well.

Well, one of my favorites, the Han Solo story, "A Fistful of Credits" lives now and forever at the Alliance. So check it out!

But that's not all! What happened to the "Frame of the Day"? Well, how about "Frame of the Hour"? The site features an image updated hourly, culled from the Alliance's vast collection. Stop by several times a day to see a new story showcased and check out something you may have never seen before.

There is also a news section so you can see which stories have been added recently and more features will roll out in the near future.

I really think it is such a great site, as I have always been the world's biggest photonovel fan. I could spend hours there, clicking through the amazing stories from so many different talented artists, so I hope that you will all get a chance to appreciate the site in the days ahead!

It's amazing how much great work was being done in the "golden age" of the photonovel. Things may be a bit quieter now, but hopefully the site will be a permanent and ever-expanding collection of these great pieces so we can enjoy them over and over!
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Thanks LQ!! I'm glad you like it, I encourage folks to subscribe to the twitter feed to get the frames-of-the-hour.

Soon we will start hearing rumors about episode VII. Why not make a PN with your own take on what the sequel trilogy should be, BEFORE the script starts leaking out. This has to be a new golden age!
Sad but true. What's great about the site, though, is that it provides an instant go-to resource for anyone wanting to check out some of these great stories.

No hunting through old forums and what not and finding different threads for each chapter. One stop shopping! So if people are discovering photonovels for the first time or taking a look after a long absence, it's a great place to start!

I love that we have everything from Scott Corrales to Longhorn to Raziel to Lushros, Drewton, Depressis and everyone in between! So much amazing work over such a long period of time!

Thanks for pinning the thread!!
DanOfTheDead wrote:So glad you guys are keeping this going. Can't wait to get a chance to sit down and have a good look through all the updates!

The format is highly compatible with tablets, If you have one :-) Remember to "like" your favorites ;-)
Alright, everyone! Thanks to the extremely hard-working and talented Darth Kikinou, the "Photonovel Alliance" has just posted a MASSIVE update!

There has been some incredible recent photonovel activity lately in the forums and now these great new works of art will be forever archived on the "Photonovel Alliance" , your one-stop-shopping destination for all your photonovel needs!!!!

The new offerings consist of -

"Chapter 3" of Chewie's spectacular, long-running Rykrof Enloe saga....

The first TWO chapters of the wonderful re-booted "Shroud of Darkness" series....

The first FOUR chapters of the spectacular brand new series, "The Adventures of Jarred Yunis" ....

And the first chapter of a truly terrific "lost classic" by customizing maestro Jedistyle, "Shadow's Dawn"

Be sure to stop by "Photonovel Alliance" today! And tomorrow! And the next day! And maybe a little bit on Sunday afternoon, just before dinner, when you're waiting for the laundry to finish up....

Thanks to those immensely creative and dedicated members of the community for creating these wonderful and enduring pieces of art that we'll be able to enjoy again and again!
Thanks for the update Lance and a special thanks to DK for creating what is the ultimate source for photonovels past and present. The photonovel alliance is the only place many of these older classics can be found and I am happy to have Shroud of Darkness alongside them!!! Thank you for giving these works a permanent home!!!
Hey, everyone!!!

Thanks, once again, to the amazing Darth Kikinou, the wonderful Photonovel Alliance has been updated with all of the great new offerings!

We have BOTH of the new "Shroud of Darkness" chapters up, "Alliance Intelligence" and, of course, the latest chapter of "The Enloe Trials".

The comments system is in full-force, so stop by and check out the stories and drop in some comments (after you've read them and commented here, of course!)

Long live the photonovels!
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