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Lance Quazar wrote:What do you think, DK? time for an update??

Heh heh yup. We all read and discuss new chapters here, but the site is for archival purposes lol. I'm on it, soon :-) Hey man cough up another Aayla or Indy episode!! Yeah yeah not gonna happen bah. And I wish Chewie would churn out more than one short chapter every 6 months! come on people! lol
I just want to give a shoutout to this amazing website for its consistent dedication to preserving this little known facet of the hobby. With Photobucket destroying half the images online, it would have been a terrible task to rehost and update my PN.

Through DK's efforts this medium will keep thriving because otherwise we would have lost a great many novels. So thank you, from the absolute bottom of my heart.
Thank you :-) It's a lot of fun and an honor to curate the amazing work PNers do, it's a cool art form. I was blown away the first time I saw a PN, such a cool idea. Using figures as actors to tell a creative story, with dialogue and special effects. Wow. I'm continuously disappointed at how few people get into it. Maybe it's a marketing problem? I don't frequent rebelscum or any other site anymore, just drop in here from time to time (5POA kicked me out of the hobby altogether), but as I recall there was what I can only describe indifference to photonovels on rebelscum. I don't understand it, as if these are irrelevant to the hobby.

Anyway, at some point it'd be a good idea for me to make zip files of all the different series with all the chapters and the web pages with the dialogue and layout for anyone to download (although there are tools available that can crawl a site and download its content as it is), some distributed backups I guess. You know we almost lost InRem's Kill On Entry series, one of my favorites. The site where his images had been hosted went under or something, and he didn't have copies! Lo and behold I remembered that I had downloaded the web pages with all images into archive files so I could read his PN on a flight. I found a backup, and it was saved. Phew! That would have been tragic. I only wish he had continued to work on it.
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