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By mattman212121
Hi Everyone!

I am still working on the next episode but I thought I would do a "bonus" episode in the meantime.

This takes place at the same time as the last chapter.

"Sir, we received a distress beacon at Farscape Station."
"Send a squad down and investigate."

The shuttle carrying the squad approaches Farscape Station to respond to the distress signal.

"Sir, it looks like an assassination. Lord Xyst was killed up close." the kneeling down stormtrooper tells his superior.

"The same thing happened to his bodyguard, sir."

"I think one of the local rebel cells are the cause of this. They have caused a lot issues in this sector and this is going to have major repercussions." the unmasked trooper tells the platoon commander.
"Unfortunately, I would have to agree with you"

"We are going to have to call in the ISB..."


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