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It still drives me nuts. The RPF figured out a way to bypass their policy and "pull" the images from their site to the forum either way.

I actually re-did this chapter once using the urls from Imgur, but not using their provided img tagged photos made them not show up either. I wasted like an hour and a half doing that. ><
That was a good chapter Jodo.

You did a great job conveying tension between the two parties.

I will say that it seems like this environment has been shown a lot, and that's okay because the scenery is great, but some more "every day citizens" here and there would be great. Maybe an innocent bystander gets shot or something, I dunno. Something to really make us remember this is a civilian planet and in those situations the real victims in war are often the regular people who want nothing to do with the war at all.

Oh - I loved the corridor where Jai and Dreya chatted was very well made - great lighting, etc.

I also really want to see Kane's face... I "feel" like he's the main character, but then again, I don't if there really is one "primary" character. It's several characters meshed into the story, which is still fun.. but it does feel like at this point, Able squad is much less of the focus.

Overall, great work and the photo quality seemed to be stepped up a notch. Just great photography and storytelling, and thank you for continuing this very entertaining series.


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