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I thought it was great, Jodo. Very well done.

And it's your story, so do what makes you happy. You want to make it an Aliens crossover? Then go for it, like you did. I was expecting Stormtrooper zombies, to be honest. So I was a bit surprised.

Great photography and a lot of tension. Your photos are top notch. The Rogue One helmets really look great on the Stormtroopers and you have put together awesome layouts with the Space Walls from GTP toys.

Happy Halloween!

I was expecting undead bucketheads. What I got was a WONDERFUL surprise! :lol: I think you know exactly how I feel about this crossover! Haha. Amazing work with those corridors and walkways throughout the ship. Any tips for making stuff like that? They look amazing. What scale are you using here? Are these the Black Series figures?

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Fantastic. Off to share. :) :wink:

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Nice!! What a great gift!