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By Incom
Great concept. Is that some sort of Neo Crusader Mandalorian? The symbol on his helmet is a nice detail.

As for the drawing: really nice work there, the only thing that looks a bit off to me are his legs. A bit too stubby, imho :)

Then again, I can't draw a figure from scratch, so hat's off to you :D
By bigpadawan
I got the idea from KOTOR favorite SW game......
Funny, my wife said the same thing about the legs being a little large....I just envisioned him armored from the waist down...
More to come....Working on a Kel Dor Sith Lord...should be done in a day or so.
Thanks for the input!
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By Clone_5X
amazing drawing!


cant wait to see some kind of custom

you should use the royal guard head 4 it 8) :) :wink:
By bigpadawan
Thanks a bunch, guys. Ive got several Shadow Guard figures and some extra Jango's...should work out well.
Most of my customs are kit-bashed. I spend most of my time drawing figure concepts-work allowing. Which reminds me- Kel Dor Sith Lord is almost soon (I promise!)
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