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Hey there,

I'm starting out my Art GCSE and we're working on different objects, one of these objects were people. My art teacher told me that I needed to improve my figures and faces over half-term, which is what I am now in. So yesterday I threw together a few sketches and shaded them in, and anyway I wanted to hear feedback on them and tips to improve. I don't want my final piece for this term to be lowly marked because I couldn't draw a person. Oh and I'm aware that on the one of Ron, Harry and Hermione that Ron isn't in the right positioning, my friend told me that when I showed her them.

Reference Image: ... ts_019.jpg

Reference Image:

Reference Image: ... ed_big.jpg

--- JediLjf.
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By Clone_5X
very good pictures! 8) cant wait to see some clones... :wink:
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