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I was wondering why Lucasfilms has never tapped into the CGI aspect of films. When you look at final fantasy or resident evil or any CGI movie games or games based on movies they look phenomenal and if they are a well established franchise they usually do well. Wouldn't that be a super cheap route to put EU films and movies out there? Films based on the Thrawn series or Shadows or even some of the newer KOTOR or Legacy stories. Is this just off limits for Lucas? I realize Clone Wars is CGI but I am thinking more of an adult genre that isn't aimed at kids. I think that this type of film would be successful, and lets face it Lucas has done riskier things with Ewoks and star wars Christmas special. Anyone else ever think about this?
I meant aside from Clone wars
me and my friends had the same discussion about a year ago when the cgi resident evil came out...neither we could find a straight awnser. it would rock tough. the best thing is that they dont even have to mess with the history any more, there are several best selling novels with good and satisfying historys, like the ones from Thimoty more stupid comic reliefs like jar jar
I would love to see any Timothy Zahn books in CGI movies. However, it would be tough to do justice to the books with a movie. So many aspects in books just can't be incorporated into movies such as what characters are thinking and whatnot. Needless to say, a CGI movie based on a book would not only be a hit, it would also create more interest in the books.
My friends and I have discussed this for a few years now. I would really enjoy this too. I would like an Old republic movie or scratch that something along Dark Horse's Tales of the Jedi. As cool as TOR trailers look I can not get over that several thousand years before Star Wars everything is pretty much the same with clones, droidekas, and obvious wannabe R2 Units. As Sidious mentioned I'd love a Force Unleashed movie, maybe they can make up for the short mess TFU2 was.

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