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By Darth_Deastron
I saw this not too long ago. I know it sucked really badly, but doesn't anyone else think that George Lucas should come clean about this, instead of hiding it, and pretending like it never happened? Hell, I thought it was pretty funny. I think he should atleast release it as a "joke" type thing.
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By Huntsmæñus
I don't know how he can hide from it. I was one of the crazy loons who watched it when it was first and ONLY transmitted on network TV. Yes. It's bad. I happen to have a copy of it myself. The kiddies seem to enjoy it. As with Luke & Co.'s guest appearance on the Muppet Show.
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By BrentS
FOr the life of me, I can't remember the Holiday special from when I was a kid. I'd love to get a copy of it someday.
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By Jedi Hunter
Try ebay my good friends.
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By Coookieemonster
Or try You Tube, as thats where I saw it, and its not that bad, Princess Leia Singing is something to be heard, lol.

However the First showing of Boba Fett and the little cartoon he is in, is pretty cool.
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By TB9153
my 501st squad is getting together this weekend to wear horrible sweaters and watch this :D should be a good time.

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