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Attention all you Droids and Ewoks fans, I asked Rebelscum to run a poll to gage fan interest in seeing the complete Droids and Ewoks cartoon series on Blu Ray / DVD, be sure to stop by and submit your vote - I'll be sending Lucasfilm the results as a petition to get them released! ... 141715.asp
An Admin is still working on a glitch that is telling some people that they voted already when following the previous link I provided. People have reported better success by voting on the front page of - simply look for the "Probe Droid Poll' on the right side of the front page and click on your choice. Thanks to all those who voted in favor of the release already - your support is appreciated!
The results are in:

Since you've no doubt worked your way through the Star Wars Saga and season 3 The Clone Wars Blu-ray sets, the Probe Droid wants to know if you'd be interested in seeing the 1985 Droids and Ewoks cartoons come to DVD or Blu-Ray?




Heck yes! I'd get the Blu-Rays in a New York Minute.

I'm all over the DVD release. Make it happen!

The cartoons were before my time, but I'm interested...

Maybe. Depends on the packaging.

Seriously? Those shows were awful. No thanks.



Thats a combined 68% of voters, and a significant majority that want to see either a BluRay or DVD release, which represents 782 fans! Thanks to everyone that voted - the results are on the way to Lucasfilm!
After the mention at Celebration VI, I would urge all fans to contact Lucasfilm directly, and not only mention your desire to see a Blu Ray / DVD release, but also a desire for them to be available online, as they discussed. The more people that contact them, the better. Let them know that Droids and Ewoks fans have been patiently awaiting this release!
First post here. I'm a huge fan of the '80's Droids/Ewoks cartoon, and am extremely disappointed that they've never gotten a comprehensive physical home video release. Here's hoping that Lflm./Disney will release these on DVD/Blu-ray at some point, but I doubt it will happen.

It's just disheartening to see all of the crap that hits DVD/Blu, but yet these two great shows will probably never see the light of day.

I hope that at the least, Lflm./Disney cleans up the prints & releases them for streaming - but, I don't know if that will ever happen, either.
Good to see more fans discussing this subject - I'm surprised Disney / LFL never bothered to release the complete seasons for both Droids and Ewoks, you'd think with how popular Star Wars and retro cartoons are that these would have some demand. Years ago they mentioned remastering them, shame they wouldn't want to show the effort they spent to the fans. As for the Ewoks movies, I'd happily buy those again on BR, and hopefully we'd get some bonus material.

Again though, I'd urge anyone interested in these to contact LFL directly with an email, asking for their release.
Recently rewatched DROIDS in its entirety. For what it offered its a really decent show... Especially for one that had hardly anything carried over from the source material.

Some of the designs of the Droids and ships are really cool.

Too bad it was cancelled so soon. It's lose premise could've gone on forever. I don't get why Disney ignores it since they could easily throw it on DISNEY XD in a 5-6AM TIMESLOT as filler. But then again this is the same channel that canned that amazing: TRON UPRISING show for practically no reason (yeah to focus on live action sequel's... Hows that panned out!?!).
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