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By Jedighost009
Has anyone else seen this? I think this is very cool and could see something like this become reality.

That is an awesome 2 minutes and 3 seconds.

Apparently, a fan made this anime short, posted it online and intended for a specific group to see and critique it and then took down the video. Well, the net being what it is, someone got a hold of the video and added sound F/X to it. The clip must not have had audio originally. This person contacts the original animator and got permission to post the video with the addition of the sound F/X. (very cool)

I think there is definitely an audience for this, especially with all the anime geared towards kids. Just as long as Troopers don't start throwing playing cards at Rebels. :lol:
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By The Professor
It does look great. I would love for Lucasfilm to pursue some classic trilogy animation, even if it's CG. This project shows a lot of love and passion. It looks great.

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