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By tokiravensky
In episode 3 when darth sidious names anakin as darth vader he says that only one has discovered the path to immortality (darth plageous). Sorry for spelling dark empire we got a glimpse of how palpatine has defeated death. I know a lot of dark empire no longer really fits that well in the starwars universe but in the force unleashed we see galen marek was cloned many times. Possibly once in the first story after vader killed him aboard the executor. Galen is brought back in the second game as a clone and hr is much the same as hr was in the first game. Then there is the perfect clone that is vader's dog. I don't know if this is all done to play into one another or not but that seemed to back up dark empire quite a bit and it is supported by darth sidious and darth vader trying to defeat death. It seems like galen may have been an experiment, like is it possible to bring the essence, the soul of a force user back into a new body using ancient powers of the dark side? This seems like something the emperor would be working on. And perhaps also vader would like to have a new body again. Any thoughts from anyone?
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By The Professor
Interesting thoughts. I've never been a fan of Dark Empire and didn't follow The Force Unleashed 2. I don't really like the whole cloning concept that was used in Dark Empire, TFU, and even the Zahn books. Nonetheless, it will be interesting to see if any of these ideas (such as fascination with immortality) end up affecting the new Star Wars films.
By tokiravensky
I just find it interesting that the emperor was really quite fascinated with immortality and also cloning. It would make sense that he might consider it. Science and the darkside mixed. I mean look at what the night sisters can do with the force. As for dark empire, I was a fan as a child. It was the first starwars comic I ever got. I like it as a story on its own but it doesn't for into the rest of the eu very well. Kind of like lumiya and Luke between Ep 5 and 6...shadows of the empire fits better. I liked tfu2 because well I like the idea of vader really being that evil to muck with someone's life that much and seeing how that character could overcome such an enemy. As for cloning, I think it just adds some glue to some of the other stories like dark empire.

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