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Darth Nihilus
Darth Revan
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By Sylexus
Asharad Hett/Krayt

Hands down my favorite character in all of SW except for Boba
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By Grand_Admiral_Thrawn
Only bad guys:

- Thrawn (no surprise here :lol: )
- Clone Emperor
- Darth Bane
- Darth Nihilus

As far as types of units are concerned, I really like Sith Troopers, ARC Troopers, Republic Commandos and Imperial Knights.
The Professor wrote:Thrawn and Mara Jade come to mind although Ventress is nice.

My quote's old, so I'm going to also throw Ahsoka in there.
darth_sidious wrote:Is the CW series considered EU? If so, mine would have to be Mother Talzin.

I think it's a debated point. Apparently, there are several levels of canon, with the films occupying the top spot. I believe the show would be in the second rung down (although I personally consider it canon).
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