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By Paulskywalker
Just got lucky on Ebay just from one seller who seems to be selling his collection and filled some gaps in my collection. got decent bids for them too.

Picked up:

VOTC Lando
OTC Cantina set with Snaggletooth, Kenobi and Ponda
Saga deluxe Wampa
Saga deluxe Palace Denizens
2003 Clone Wars Hailfire Droid

Nearly got the 2003 Clone Wars AAT but my laptop went blank and i lost, watching the TAC Y Wing and Saga deluxe C3 PO.

So pleased right now!
By Grimace
I traded some stuff for the Saga Clone Wars Republic Gunship in the tiger deco in a slightly beat up box

I'm pleased with it
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By Paulskywalker
Dozy me has just bought 3 TAC figures and a POTJ Queen Amidala (Royal Decoy) from a market, so pleased i was until i got home and found i already had that Queen Amidala!! First time this has happened to me! :oops:
By Grimace
today's mail deliverd my winning ebay item: the Silver Anniversary Toy Fair Darth Vader

meesa likin diss

and another hole in my collection is filled....
By stroebel83
playing the slots on ebay i got
1 gelgrub $8
1 obi wan cold weather gear from POTF
and the xandu blood in a bundle
By Grimace
I was on vacation and found the old Command Gunship loose

bargained $5 off the price tag
should have gone for more methinks
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By Paulskywalker
How annoying is this, i have finally recieved the TFU Shadow Guard i won on Ebay two weeks ago and the reason it took so long was last week i got a royal mail note saying unpaid postage. So i emailed the seller and she oh don't know whats wrong i'll get in touch with them, i said in the meantime i'll pay the fee. During this time she has done nothing, recieved the parcel today which say reused stamps, this means i paid her postage for nothing. So now i don't know whether to get Ebay involved or see what she says about paying me my money back. Can do with out the hassle of this!
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By mrhoppers819
Had a pretty HUGE haul from a couple sellers on the forum!!!

Chewbacca Head
Greedo Head & Hands
Flashback Anakin Skywalker
Princess leia from the Ewok PL collection
Speeder Bikes x3
EU speeder bike with pilot
SOTE Speeder Bike and Driver
Obi Wan Kenobi's x2

Episode 1
Anakin (Naboo)
Yoda figures x2
Darth Maul x2
Darth Maul from Speeder Bike x1
Captain Tarpals

Geonosisian Warrior w/ Massif
Lott Dod
Lama Su w/ Clone Youth

Revenge of the Sith
Captain Antilles
Wookie Commando
Zett Jukkassa

Saga 2
Dud Bolt & Mars Duo

Elis Helrot
M'iiyioom Onith
Clone Trooper Hawkbat Battalion
Koffi Arana & Butler Swan Comic Pack

Han Solo's Scarf
Stass Allie
Gungan Warrior
Obi Wan w/ Table
Clegg Holdfast

So I've had quite the haul over the last couple weeks...Great customizing fodder!!!
By stroebel83
just snagged a fambaa minus driver on ebay for 22.50.... pretty stoked
the only "newer" vehicle i haven't grabbed yet is a imp shuttle
but this will keep me content for a while
maybe a star wars day is in order (wife and toddlers permitting)
By Grimace
I broke down and bought the last Leia/Xixor comic pack for just under $5 from TRU

I had a coupon for $5 and I had to buy something else to qualify, so I got a bottle of root beer
nobody cares about that tho, right?


an update!

I did not win a free trip to Celebration 5 as advertised on the package
darn the luck!

By Grimace
I spent some birthday and casino cash and bought the true vintage Y Wing, complete with all parts and decals
I also snagged another radar laser cannon without stickers, and the mini mine rig of the One Man Sail Skiff
that thing is in great condition and has all the stickers unlike the one I already own

the total price was about $85, so I'm stoked
By Grimace
via ebay, I picked up another Land of the Jawas playset, mostly complete including the instructions, just missing 2 footpegs for the inside of the cardboard sandcrawler backdrop

and also got a Droid Factory in the box with the blueprints but is missing many pieces
I have another set that will fill the gaps

and I didn't realize that a vintage R2-D2 was in there also, and the thing is in very nice shape

meesa happy
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By mrhoppers819
Just received a bunch of figures today!

Got the Jedi Legacy Evo pack

Depa Bilaba from the Saga Jedi Temple screen scenes

Comic Pack Mara Jade

Comic Pack A'Sharad Hett

All for only $45!!!
By Grimace
more true vintage goodness!

got both variants of C-3PO, the gold and the less gold, got two Imperial Guards minus their staff, and the Emperor with his cane

it was a good day
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By mrhoppers819
Grimace wrote:more true vintage goodness!

got both variants of C-3PO, the gold and the less gold, got two Imperial Guards minus their staff, and the Emperor with his cane

it was a good day

Nice score!!

Today I recieved the TAC Y-Wing! Wow that is nice vehicle!
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