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By Jodo
Thursday I recived 4 of the POTJ Stormtroopers (from the army buidling set), a VOTC Scout Trooper, a grey Evolutions Clone Trooper Captain, and a Kashyyyk Trooper.

I wanted the Stormtroopers and Scout to add to my eventual shuttle landing diorama, and the captain and 41st trooper are both going in my eventual 41st Clone Trooper set up. Now I just want a few more 41st Clones, another Kashyyyk Scout or two, and as many Stromtroopers as I can afford (or my girlfriend will allow me to get).
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By Jodo
Tonight I scored this set of astromechs on EBay, which I'm super happy I got! It was a set of 10 droids for under $60: R3-T2, R2-X2, R2-Q2, R2-D2, R3-S6 (Goldie), R3-A2, R3-T7, R3-T6, R3-D3 and R3-Y2. I had been wanting several of these for the past few months. However this also means I probably won't be buying any past figures for the next month, since I went way over my $50 budget for this month! :!:
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By darthmac
Stormtrooper Luke! :D Down to 3 for my vintage collection... anyone got a spare Yakface they just want to give away :lol:

By Jedighost009
Wow! Good trade. What did you give up for that nice score, Jodo? :)

Went to a toy show over the weekend and got some stuff...

072714 haul.JPG

The ROTS figs and Nexu were $5 ea and the rest $4 ea.
By Jedighost009
Quick update...

Made it to a couple shows over the weekend and picked up all of this...

120714 haul.jpg
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By Jodo
Dang it, I've been looking for a Kal Fas forever! What Slackers did you go to? The one in Fairview only has POTF2/Saga loose figures, while the Edwarsdville location has about the same. I've been thinking about taking a trip to Alton to see what they have.
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By Jodo
It was a really good score! Odd that the Gotal was more than Kal Fas too, considering the secondary market prices for both.

I'll actually be out of town when the next ToyMan show is, however I definitely plan to go to the March 8th event. I'll be on Spring vacation then, so it'll work out nicely. I'll have to check out Vintage Stock sometime soon as well. Right now (aside from about a dozen figures) I'm just looking for loose modern figures for custom fodder. There was actually an auction on Ebay about a week and a half ago that had a lot of the heads I wanted, and when I went to bid again my "session timed out". Needless to say I lost the auction, and was really disappointed about that.
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