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By Jodo
I got this on Amazon for $10 (along with a $4 Torynn Farr). I remember first seeing this set in a magazine when I was just a kid, and looking for it at every story my grandparents took me to. I never did see it, but it was always something I wanted to pick up just because the cool background characters that are included. Part of me doesn't want to open it for nostalgia's sake, but the other part knows I gotta use these in my photonovel. I might keep it in the box to admire until I need to open it....

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By Jodo
Yep, and a good price! Speaking of which, I needed an extra Captain Needa in preparation for my photonovel, and I was able to score one on Ebay for $5 shipped tonight, though it didn't include the hat.
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By Jodo
I just sealed a deal over on Rebelscum to get:

Hoth Rebel Soldier - with scarf (Defense on Hoth) x2
Hoth Rebel Soldier - blonde beard (Defense on Hoth)

Hoth Rebel Soldier [missing cannon]
Cloud City Wing Guard - Utris M'Toc

Mace Windu
Biggs Darklighter (Tosche Station)
Jango Fett (Kamino apartment)

General Rieekan with Hoth Tactical Screen


I've needed several of these figures for a while, or in the case of Reieekan, his tactical screen. This was the biggest purchase I've made in some time, but got everything for a decent price. I was able to negotiate with the seller, so he knocked off a few bucks overall. I've seen the Hoth Rebels go for $30+ each, so I'm considering this a really good deal since I got 4 of them all at once. :)
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By Jodo
Got this for a couple bucks at Slacker's CDs and Games today. There were a few other modern figures I should have picked up, but my girlfriend and I only had $5 with us! :lol:
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By Jodo
I got 2/3 of a moisture vaporator and 2 CW Republic backpacks today at the thrift store I got the Crumb Bomber at...I paid $3 total, but it was QUITE the weird experience. Weird enough that I probably won't go back (or if I do it will be a long time from now). :?

When I went to checkout a lady came over and took the item from the girl helping me. She walked from behind the counter and pretty much told me she wanted to charge me more for the vaporator. I told her I saw it on top of the "action figure accessories box". She made a huge deal about customers trying to screw the store over, and how anyone could have put the item in that box. Finally her son walked over and told her to stop. He then grabbed the item, and asked me what it was. He looked up the vaporator (not sure how because there aren't UPC codes on anything) to see if they had the Luke it came with, and he studied it forever. He then walked over to the woman, talked quietly with her for 2 minutes or so, walked back to me and finally whispered to the girl checking me out.

She charged me $3 total for the items (as expected), but then the woman started telling me how hostile customers get and about how many problems they have. The guy started talking over her about what action figures I liked, and the lady got louder and louder. Finally, he told me to come back sometime and he'd give me a deal on some loose figures, but by then I just wanted to get the F out of there. It was bizarre. I felt terrible for the red headed girl checking me out too...She was like caught in the middle and had no idea what to do. :?

Plus, someone almost ran me over in a crosswalk today. :lol: :|
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By Imaculata

OMG! Look at this monster! Look at the size of that box! It is gigantic!

The Star Tours Star Speeder 1000 playset. This is without a doubt the crown piece of my collecton.
It has so many amazing features.

-First of all, just the size. You can fit about ten 3.75-scale figures and this, plus a pilot.
-There's a pilot chair that is removable, so you can add classic captain rex if you choose.
-The r2 unit at the top can also be removed, and replaced by any other r2 figure, or even BB8. It is not very detailed.
-Pressing down on the r2 figure triggers various r2 sounds.
-There's also a small hatch at the top that hides a tiny removable IC-360 camera droid.
-The roof can be removed to access the interior.
-Slides of various scenes from the attraction can be inserted to change the sounds. And there a handy storage space for them at the back.
-A small button at the top front causes the canons to gently fold out, and battle sounds play, and lights flash.
-On the back there are buttons to open the doors on either side of the vehicle. This lights up the interior, and plays the Star Tours jingle. Unfortunately the doors don't close well on my toy, which I got off Ebay.I might be able to fix it myself if I had a look at the springs inside.
-There's a button to trigger the scene specific sounds, which is usually a line by C3-PO.
-There's a button to trigger light speed, which activates C3-PO's voice, along with more sound and light effects.

All in all I think this is the toy that just has it all. I can't think of any Star Wars playset that even compares to the size and range of features of this thing. The toy is also very detailed. Literally every angle has a lot of detail and good paint application, along with a few decals. But the toy does not rely too much on decals. It almost makes me a bit angry that other toys are not this well made. Consider for example the recent AT-ACT, which is cool, but really expensive, and not very detailed at all. That thing is so much more expensive than the Starspeeder 1000, and yet completely inferior when it comes to details, accuracy and play features.
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By Jodo
A local store in Edwardsville has a bin of Star Wars figures, so every few weeks I stop in there and look. I found a loose Wedge figure that I had planned to use for a custom which was only $5. When I got home with it, I noticed my other TVC Wedge looked different, so I did some Googling. Apparently this figure came with the X-Wing! So now I feel obligated to not customize it, hahaha! I also got a shirtless CW Kit Fisto for $5 as well
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By Imaculata
This morning a package arrived at my doorstep.

It was the awesome R2-Q5, complete with a tiny holygram of the Death Star. My collection of R2's is increasing quickly.
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By Jodo
I picked up a carded Saga deluxe Rieekan with Hoth tactical screen for a few bucks at Fairview Heights Slackers CDs and Games. I had totally forgotten how huge the card backs were on those figures. :shock:
By jorsupersid
Jodo wrote:I picked up a carded Saga deluxe Rieekan with Hoth tactical screen for a few bucks at Fairview Heights Slackers CDs and Games. I had totally forgotten how huge the card backs were on those figures. :shock:

Hahaha... Found some of mine last night and said the same thing.
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By Jodo
I got a boxed FX X-Wing at my cousin's antique store. It was only $15, so I thought I would grab it and maybe do another custom X-Wing like I did last summer...
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