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By GlutisBaximus
Just wanted to see what people were finding.I went to a flea market near my house, and found a comic book stand with a wall filled with Star Wars figures! Only had $10 on me, so just grabbed Ep1 Boss Nass and POTJ Tessk. He did give me a discount due to the fact that I know from his long gone comic shop.Anyway what have you guys gotten I'm curious. :D
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By The Professor
Back in the days before 1995/POTF2, I used to go to the flea market with my dad and pick up Vintage figures. It's crazy how scarce Star Wars items were back then yet they're in all the stores today, even five years after the last major film.
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By GlutisBaximus
havent posted in a while. computer problems. so far i've gotten potf ackbar gammoreon yakface and jawa.aotc yoda battle droid. ep 1 anikin and a adi gallia. sorry for misspelling doing quick typing.
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