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The Commando set seemed to be the only one around the STL area Wal-Marts that was really popular. The other Imperial set did ok, I think, and the few that were left when these hit 50% off vanished quickly.

However, the Rebel set is a big yawner. Too many Rebel pilots the past couple years... even at $7.00 a set, I might not get it either.

Does anyone have any tips on how to make loose Rebel helmets fit better?

For example I found a use for ROTS Mon Mothma's silver "head-gear" by using it under Brie's helmet with Brie's head swapped for the new Juno Eclipse's (I had two Juno's and two Brie's, so I did I head swap but Brie's helmet was way too loose). I also found Kesin Ommis' helmet to be too loose so I swapped it with Legacy snowspeeder pilot Luke's (his was originally on his own head pretty tight).

btw I just received the new vintage Dack and he's great :wink:
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