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I like the idea of big vehicles but I hope Hasbro remains careful with the big vehicles they make because I don't want to buy a ton of them due to cost and lack of space. I bought the BMF because it was awesome and classic, but other vehicles definitely don't have as well importance to me or other collectors.
I think the less iconic, the less they will sell. However, if they do amazing work, I think they can even make something a little more obscure do well.

The Falcon of course is in a class all itself, but I do feel there's room for a couple other big offerings - and perhaps that opening is into more of a playset environment like a Death Star... something after all these years, I still contend would do rather well if Hasbro took the proper approach and marketed it as a collector diorama/display with some features like movable doors and went with an authentic look.

The only other large size vehicle I would like would be The AT - AT. Other than that I can not really think of any others right off. As mentioned I would love a huge Death Star Playset. They say the turbo tank is a kind of new way of play value by making a vehicle in to a playset deal. Why can't they use this logic or market the death star the same way. Technically it is a vehicle and it is a playset too and can offer plenty of play value with the right features.

From Clone Wars I could see the potential for the Twilight to be a next generation Falcon for today's kids. The only problem the series features the ship a lot but doesn't establish it as a character in it's own right like the Falcon was.
zedhatch wrote:I really need to get the BMF, but I keep hoping for a deal (Not seen a good one yet).

Me too, I may get one this year. Even at 170 it's cheaper than what i've seen on the 2ndary market the few times i've looked.
By kanglee00
I ended up getting this on Amazon for $129.99 with no tax and free shipping. It's not $64, but I've wanted one since I was a kid and now that I have a son I can pretend it is his Christmas gift without any grief from the wife.
Sybeck1 wrote:I didn't get one of these and want to track one down. My main problem is the size, does it really take up alot of space? Any storage suggestions?

It's fairly huge. I was able to snag one of these for $50 and have yet to open it, but when the time comes, I have a dedicated 40" x 40" coffee table that it is going to sit on.
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