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The Professor wrote:Congrats! I missed out on this battlepack, so I've been checking eBay for that figure. He sure does go for a lot. I hope you enjoy the set!

Thank you, its like having a baby out in the car, as I get to go home here from work and open it up! I will write myself a mental note and let you know if I come across another one!
Went looking for new vintage at my local wal mart last night, and I found a Legacy BD 31 Han Solo in Stormtrooper disguise for $4.50. My walmart has been pulling out old gems recently such as slave leia and the 2 ewok pack all for $4.50. Love it
found a willrow hood on the shelf with vintage at a wm in WV he was priced the same as the vintage too
rc-1207 Sev wrote:Found a TFU shak ti today at true........pumped :D

that rocks
So i finally got a Giran over on RS...
This is my recent legacy hauls
Nikto Gunner
Kal Fas
Rum Sleg
x4 HK-47
Clone Wars Flame thrower BAD Droid
And am attemting to get the Tholme Tra'Saa pack...
I have been really wanting this and we couldnt get a trade worked out so he says 100 and its yours :shock: I just cant justify that for two figures ! My counter was 60 and 2 or 3 figures hope he will take it !
They haven't actually arrived yet (eBay shipping waiting time sucks!) but I finally bit the bullet and bought myself a TFU Shaak Ti and T'ra Saa figure, both figures I've wanted for ages but they never reached pegs in my area of the UK! :( I got £50 from my Grandad for my A-Level results, so it's an allowed treat!

I'm sickened that I paid £49.50 combined for the two and both are loose! I wanted Tholme with T'ra Saa but the eBay listings were only individuals and she was the one of the two I wanted most and they were quick to disappear so I thought go for it! I can't wait for them to arrive, any faults and my feedback will be less than amused after the price I paid! :roll: :wink:

- JediLjF
my local WalMart has the Gelagrub set on clearance for $12

an employee saw me looking at one and said, "please buy it"

I said I probably would, and he told me that if I did he would mark it down to $10

I bought it
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