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Last night I bid on Jake Ferrel (A-Wing pilot), Cesi Eirress (Twi'lek Rebel pilot), Keyan Farlander (B-Wing Pilot), and Kesin Ommis (Hoth pilot) and got them all for the total of like $18. They weren't exacltly on my wants list, however they were cheap enough I thought I might as well get them for future display purposes. :p
My awesome wife surprised me today with a TLC Red Two X-wing. I missed out on getting it first hand and didn't want to pay what is was going for on the secondary market. She found a seller on eBay who had one and used her mad negotiating skills to get it for lower than what they had it listed for. She's awesome. :D
Recently, I got my old Super Nintendo out, so my girlfriend went to Alton Slackers to see if they had a multi-out plugin. While there, I took an obligatory look at the figures and found this for $25. I couldn't pass it up given I need two figures from this set.


I didn't think I needed Ten Numb because I had gotten him loose a few years ago from Slackers in Edwardsville. When I arrived home, I looked for that figure but couldn't not find it. It was not it any of my boxes or on display I also recently realized my Giran figure from Jabba's Palace wasn't where it was displayed either. Thankfully, my OCD-ness lead me to look through my posts here in the forums and see that I did in fact purchase both of those figures.

Thank God that I did post about them, because I recently saw Giran for $50. I really did not have to buy it again, and for so much money. This week I have went through every box of figures I have, as well as bags of Photonovel stuff and other supplies. Thankfully I found Giran today in a bag...WITH Ten Numb. Odd that I noticed both figures were missing, and I had put them together for some reason. Who knows...
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