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Now that the BAD is in full swing, what else would you like to see besides the protocol droids and Astromechs?

Transforming Destroyer Droid
Treadwell Droids
Battle Droid Officers (Security, Pilot, Commanders)
ROTS Medical Midwife Droids
More Astromechs
More Protocol Droids
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By YAK_Chewie
Somewhere in a QnA this past week I read that Hasbro really was happy with how the BAD concept was turning out, and that there was a lot more in store for us. That's great news as far as I'm concerned.

I kind of would like to see Hasbro maybe include a couple differnet colored GONK droids into the mix as well.

Also, I'd be all for them expanding on this into differnet areas too, such as environment pieces. Could sweet would it be to see them start making pieces to computer consoles, furniture, etc.

Just for fun, here's a few custom pieces that I find inspiring for this sort of thing. They could each consist of 4-5 pieces that snap together.






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By JediJman
Well, maybe someday. I love Chewie's idea for Build-an-accessory. Tables and chairs or that wall-panel-computer would be awesome for diorammas, but we won't see anything like that for a while (if ever). Great idea though.
By Grimace
those computer consoles, tables and chairs would be awesome!!

too bad Hasbro thinks that accessory sets don't sell well
the OT sets never made it to the clearance aisle in my area way back when
the prequel ones did, but in all fairness they weren't that good
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By YAK_Chewie
Yeah, Hasbro doesn't seem to think there's a market for nice accessories, or at least not one big enough to make it worth their while. I think might be mistaken and the community would be thrilled to see them create some "environment accessory sets" - however, I do have a feeling that a lot of people would think they're cool but would wait for them to go on clearance, hence maybe ending a good thing rather quickly. :?

I'm guessing though, there *might* be a successful way to go about this and that's to put them in the deluxe line with CORE CHARACTERS and CLASSIC ARMY BUILDERS that both kids and collectors want, and mix in a small vehicle or two.

I think this could work great for the new vintage line... Here's my suggestion:

- VOTC Han Solo w/ Falcon chair and computer console (give Han second set of alternate forearms w/gloves)
- VOTC Darth Vader w/ circular Death Star computer console (Vader would need ball jointed elbows)
- VOTC Princess Leia w/ circular Yavin IV computer console (Leia would need ball jointed elbows)
- VOTC Snowtrooper w/ NEW E-Web Cannon
- VOTC Scout Trooper w/ NEW Speederbike
- NEW Admiral Ackbar w/ Home One command chair
- NEW Aunt Beru w/ NEW Uncle Owen & moisture vaporator

That way, Hasbro's pushing out a few new figures for us and they can also recirculate popular existing molds (little investment there) and also give us some collector aimed accessories at the same time... they're also throwing in something interesting for the kiddos as well.

Would anyone be interested in this sort of thing?

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By lugo_matapollos
c'mon. every one is voting for the transforming battle droid. in case that they could put it out for sale in the BAD line it will rock, for shure. even selling it in a single card as a regular figure would be very profitable. I think that if the figure get as good as everyone wants it to be, they could set the parts to build it with not-so-cool figures, repacks and that kind of caracthers that stay hanging in the pegs for several monts...not nice.

but one thing is for shure, once that its out there I would like to have one. lol. I voted for the treadwell droid, it is really cool
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