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Some great looking ones but I am very sad not see a Kazdan or the imperial shadow Guard. I am loving the translucent shadow trooper the dark one it is just like I called it a few posts back except they should have had snap on lighting effect. The really light clear one kinda sucks. But i am excited for some Force Unleashed figures :)
I don't mind the see-thru and half see-thru Stormies.

And i really like the second Galen with the scarf and gaunlet and the Rota Trooper.

All round a bunch of great figures, shame no Kazdan though.
The imperial troops kind of ruin the sets. Both Galen Mareks look awesome, though. I also really like that militia trooper.

IMO, there are still a few interesting TFU figures that need to be made:

- Kazdan Paratus
- Captain Ozzik Sturn
- Corrected Shadow Guard
- Galen Marek (Death Star outfit)
- Galen Marek (Raxus Prime #2)
- Ultimate Sith Edition Galen Marek
YAK_Chewie wrote:Knowing Hasbro's track record with Vader, isn't a bit surprising (in a good way) that Vader isn't in one of these sets? :)


Geez, they really could have just dropped some ROTS wookiees, a Vader, and some Storm Troopers in a box and said it was from the Introduction level. :P

But then, maybe we'd get young Galen and his dad! :D
i really cant wait for these sets. the mando armor is my favorite one to play in, and the heavy gear one is really cool. started playing the game again, and i noticed the troopers that turn invisibe, theyll look cool with the shadow guard. im also amazed at the proxy and juno
A couple more images of the outstanding Rahm Kota's Militia Elite trooper popped up thanks to another ebay auction by Star Wars Army Store -



Not sure about all you guys, but to me this is the perfect opportunity to army build this guy at a fair price. Also, I've had good history with this seller in the past so have no worries in dealing with him, at least in my own experience.

For a direct jump to this figure, here you go: ... 5ad6b77fe0

Sweet big thanks for the heads up. I think I just bought some vong from this store def a great way to go
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