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By YAK_Jayson
A rumor list popped up on RS's board recently with "details" regarding this wave:

1. Scout Trooper (VTSC-06)
2. Luke Skywalker (Death Star 2)
3. New Slave Leia (with alternate legs!)
4. Ewok 2pack
5. B-Wing Pilot
6. Major Panno (Pruneface Rebel-Alien)
7. Klaatu Skiff Guard (Warrior Outfit)
8. Malakili
9. Nikto Skiff Guard

We'll see how it pans out.
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By zedhatch
Gotta say I am not to enamored by that list. Leia and Luke are the only things getting my attention here, which kind of stinks when I have to struggle so hard with the desisions on the last two waves. Still I guess everyone can't be a winner.

I agree on the Gamorian guard to, how long has it been?
Not _too_ bad. I'm really surprised this wave doesn't include a new Lando and a new Niub Niub. After all, they're going to want to re-issue the BMF a couple Christmases from now, and they'll need Lando and Niub Niub to pack in with it if they want to make it a ROTJ themed release.
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By DnJcustoms
Let's see...

1. I can always use more Scout Troopers (especially if the sculpt is good)
2. Believe it or not, I don't have a DS2 Luke Skywalker
3. Any new Slave Leia figure translates into many new female customs
4. I'll probably pass on the Ewok 2-pack
5. I'll buy a couple of B-Wing Pilots
6. The jury is out on Major Panno (I'll wait to see what he looks like)
7 through 9. Depends on the sculpt. They could make good fodder for other characters...
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By Theo Zissou
1. Scout Trooper (VTSC-06) pass. cool but i have enough :)
2. Luke Skywalker (Death Star 2) maybe...... :P
3. New Slave Leia (with alternative Torso!) nice! should be cool
4. Ewok 2pack why not more for the group
5. B-Wing Pilot the last one was cool, as long as he's different, im sure he is. i'll get one.
6. Major Panno (Pruneface Rebel-Alien) should be a cool update of a pruneface
7. Klaatu Skiff Guard (Warrior Outfit)
8. Malakili hmmmmmm......maybe. not sure i need a update.
9. Nikto Skiff Guard both the guards will be good filler for jabbas court
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By YAK_Chewie
Ok, I'll play along with the trend...

Scout Trooper - Don't really need, but I guess it's fine... should probably be part of a Legends wave though in my opinion.

Luke Skywalker - Kind of a surprise to see so much attention to ROTJ Luke figures lately, I just hope it's good. If so I'll get a couple. If not, just one.

Slave Leia - Now we're talking! Hard to believe this will be the third sculpt of this outfit... I like the idea of an alternative torso, I wonder if that's to be able to pose her like she's laying in front of Jabba... if so, maybe they have plans for a new ROTJ Jabba with dais?

Ewok 2pack - Eh, I'm bored with these guys. Will wait and see.

B-Wing Pilot - Bored with Rebel pilots other than snowspeeder pilots for some reason... will probably just get one or two.

Major Panno - Very nice to see a new Dresselian coming out! We need a new version without the eye patch badly. Will get a few I'm sure.

Klaatu Skiff Guard - Nice, but I really want a new Gammorean.

Malakili - I'm actually looking forward to this... I hope they do a good job on him and it makes sense to have a new one out with the new Rancor coming.

Nikto Skiff Guard - Nice too, but again want a new Gamorrean!

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By The Professor
I'm excited about getting a good DS2 Luke finally. I'm sure it's the sandstorm Luke with a different head, but still.

I have a feeling that Malikili is just a repaint of the POTF version...
By Eopie Herder
I too want a new Gam Guard, but am still pretty excited about this wave. Can live without the ewoks, Prune Face and the B-Wing pilot, but I'm excited about the rest. Especially Luke. I hope it's a good one. It'd be cool to see him have a variant....flap up and flap down.
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By TradeFederationSympathy
I'm not too excited about this wave really. Few good things in here that I would like to pick up, like the Ewoks, but nothing else is really going to be a necessary buy for me. I like to build my Ewok army so that they have SOME legitimate reason to beat the Empire. The others I will have to wait and see if I have some money to spare. They mostly just seem like remakes of things I already have. I do like the Major Panno idea, I'd like to see how this guy turns out.
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By Coookieemonster
Want the entire wave as long as they are good sculpts, and I am sure the Malakili is going to be a New Sculpt, after all this isnt a Repaint Wave.

And I am betting theres going to be something about the Scout Trooper as well, and not just a repack of the VTSC one (could be wrong, but I think he will get tweaked).

A little disappointed about the Gam Guard, and I am betting when they release the Falcon again it will come with two new figures Lando and Nien Nunb to make it sell again, after all people already have the Falcon so they need an incentive to buy another one.
By zedhatch
YAK_Chewie wrote:Ok, I'll play along with the trend...

Sure why not...

Scout Trooper Never was a huge fan of scouts as I think they look like weak stormtroopers, Might get one but I seriously doubt it.

Luke Skywalker Even if just sandstrom luke with new head its interesting, will most likely grab, hopeing for a cloak but hey I can dream.

Slave Leia Been thinking on this, the alternate torso could relate back to the Sandstorm (Since she was the only one left out and people inisted she would be out later, Not sure if that was ever Hasbro confirmed though, but would fit).

Ewok 2pack Never been a huge Ewok fan and with this and a comic pack coming out I am burned out already. I doubt it very seriously.

B-Wing Pilot I have never been a huge pilot fan either, easy pass.

Major Panno This one I will have to see before I deside.

Klaatu Skiff Guard Bored with Skiff Guards back in POTF

Malakili Maybe, but not likely.

Nikto Skiff Guard See above.

Any news on the BAD's in this, that might push me to buy more (again doubtfull) but at least my wallet gets a break somewhat.
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By YAK_Jayson
From the new Insider courtesy of MomawNadon on the Rebelscum boards

Nikto Guard prototype

Slave Leia
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