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JediDefender has acquired preliminary design sketches for Willow Hood aka "the Ice Cream Maker Guy".


Scott Pearson is a fellow MN collector and started a online campaign for this figure years ago, so its nice to see his "dream" figure realized in plastic. 8)
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By saddestwookiee
Interesting. Let's hope this wave sees a certain Gand Bounty Hunter too!
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By Incom
Strange, Willrow looks African-American to me, but the sketch doesn't look like that.
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By Michael
First of loving this, secondly anyone else notice his Rebel Insignia Device (did I fall asleep over these years, but when did Willrow start working for the Rebel Alliance), we all know that Willrow Hood "Is really Mr Whippy the Ice Cream Maker" and thats his Ice Cream Maker he is carrying not some Rebel Insignia Device.

Also the ones I would like to see in the next wave:

My 6 choice:
Princess Leia Hoth
Luke Skywalker Hoth
Willrow Hood
Bespin Security Guard (SA all the way)
Hoth Rebel Trooper (Brown Vest)

with the B.A.D: You know I cant think of a protocol droid, and the only other one I can think of is IG-88 or 4-Lom but we have really good sculpts of them already.

My 8 Choice:
As above with these 2 figures
1) Toryn Farr
2) SA Bespin Lando Calrissian (do him justice we havent got a decent one yet, other than Lando Calrissian - Skiff Guard).

For B.A.D.S: I suppose they could do both the R3's again from Hoth.
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By Paulskywalker
We know Toryn Farr is coming, so i assume she is in this wave
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By YAK_Chewie
Oh man, ICMG looks so lame in that sketch. It's cool to see such an obscure and pointless character made into plastic, but at the same time I expect it's going to be the biggest pegwarmer since the SAGA2 Naboo Soldier.

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By YAK_Jayson
I thought you customizers ate stuff like this up? A nondescript fully SA figure. Seems like a great "blank canvas" to work your magic?

j/k I can see this is not everyone's cup-o-tea, but I prefer actual characters as opposed to EU/Hasbro fantasy creations or 8-10 pegs dedicated to repacks (ie the Legends waves).
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By YAK_Chewie
$8+ figures has really ripped into my customizing budget... at $5, I would probably get a few extras of him for customs. At $8, I seriously doubt it.

Maybe it will be such a great sculpt that I'll get more than one though... it's such a huge line that it makes sense to have some figures like this mixed in of course. Just if he had a cool alien head, I'd probably be a bit more excited. 8)

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By YAK_Jayson
According to Han's Hideout's latest QnA....

There will be one additional version of Han later this year in the EpIV basic figure wave. After that, the next one up will be in later 2010.
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By Incom
Darth Kikinou wrote:It's time to get a real ESB Han, I surely hope this second wave has one!

I agree and it shouldn't be too hard. Hasbro just needs to use the VOTC Han body with some modifications.
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By YAK_Chewie
I dunno... I wouldn't mind seeing an all new sculpt for Han...

The VOTC one is pretty nice, but I can't stand the VSTC (or VATC, whatever the Endor one is).

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By Michael
If they do Han Solo, I am hoping they do a New Bespin Leia to go with him, although the newest one we have is good, I would prefer another version of her with SA, although then again maybes not as they could screw up the ankles like they did with SOTE Leia.
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By Grand_Admiral_Thrawn
My wishlist for this wave:

- Princess Leia (Hoth outfit)
- Luke Skywalker (Hoth outfit)
- Zuckuss
- Bespin Security Guard (with variation)
- Admiral Piett (!!!!)
- Han Solo (Bespin Outfit)

I wouldn't mind getting a new Lando either.
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By saddestwookiee
Michael wrote: although then again maybes not as they could screw up the ankles like they did with SOTE Leia.

I think they could just drop the ankles. Or, even if it messes with the aesthetics just a bit, flare the pant cuff slightly so it could be an inserted ball joint.

Think Marion from the Indiana Jones line, just not so severe of a flare.
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