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Good point Jeff... I'm mainly interested in those ladders and if I were to go that path, I'd be doing it for those (isn't that sad).

I am wondering how long Target will sit on these. It seems like most of us were thinking they'd clearance out the Legacy Rancor, but instead they added it to their planogram and raised it to $49.99. So I'm guessing this might be worked into the regular aisle at some point? Who knows, but if it does come down to $25.00 at some point I'll probably bite.

I guess it's more about the display space for me right now, but there's also the red flag in my mind that since there's so many Wal-Mart exclusives coming out, I need to stay clear of offerings like this one to conserve money and room.

Wow yeah you probably got it at about $5 more than it costs for Hasbro to make it! :lol:
If anyone is interested in an extra X-Wing, I'd be willing to sell my Red 2 X-Wing (ONLY). The right side wings have not been attached and are still packaged together. The kill marks have not been applied either. Its not a big deal to me to sell it, I just really don't have the room for an extra X-Wing (and I like the Red Leader X-Wing better). I've mentioned selling my Red 2 X-Wing here and RS. If I don't have any takers soon, I might just put in on ebay and see what happens. PM me if interested and we can negotiate a price.

At $45, these are still sitting at the Target nearby, I wonder if interest in large vehicles is starting to bottom out due to price, even at this price they are gathering dust, and TRU is trying to charge $70 for the arc?! :shock: I just hope if sales are poor for this set, that the chances of Wedge being repacked into the basic line isnt diminished, he's one of the few pilots I'd like to own.

That looks awesome. Nice work!

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