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These are still warming the shelves in my area. I'm still waiting to see if it goes down in price really low after Christmas, and if it does, I might pick one up. I personally have very little interest in these and don't really need to add more ships to my collection due to my lack of space.
I wanted to get one of these but never could afford it, then the two that one of my local stores had were sold and Target never restocked them. The other area Targets never even got them in the first place. :?

Hopefully I can find one on clearance, I actually want everything included in the set.
I got this set back when it was new, but I haven't opened it yet

I need to take down the electronic Luke X Wing and put this one in it's place

most of my space ships are hanging from fishing line near the ceiling in my action figure room
the same is true for central Iowa

these were put out, went on sale for $5 off a week later, and have been at full price ever since
I haven't seen many of these left, but they have been on the shelves for a while now
Grimace wrote:what movie would you say the deco for Wedge is from?

I finally opened my set but I'm not sure which movie shelf I should put the Wedge figure on

The packaging refers to both A New Hope and Return of the Jedi, so I think you'd be safe with either. If it were me, I'd go with ROTJ.
These started to make a coumeback and pop out at pretty much all my local Targets, I wonder why they missed putting these up during the holiday season or early this year as the first batch was gone by then. They may have to clear these ones up or they'll end up at you know where those overstock clothing stores :D
Par for the course here in Texas, as just a few days ago each Target near me had at least 10 of these at full price, and today they've suddenly vanished. Nothing in the clearance sections except for those Clone Wars Build-a-Blasters. Of course this happens with every Target exclusive (no clearances, only vanishing items) so I shouldn't be surprised, but man, I really wanted this set.

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